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Protective Radar Box

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The Radar Box is an enclosure that provides weather protection and security for all radar detectors.  The Radar Box is made up of two main pieces: the top or enclosure section, and the bottom or plate.  The top of the Radar Box is a thermoformed polycarbonate enclosure. The enclosure is clear front and back and painted black on three sides to keep unwanted eyes off your radar detector.

The interior dimensions of the enclosure are 5.3 x 3.6 X 1.25 inches. This allows room for the longest detector, the Escort 8500 X50, and the widest, the Valentine. The Radar Box is sized to allow for use of the H.A.R.D. System. The H.A.R.D. System transmitter can be placed inside the Radar Box along with the detector.  The bottom or "plate" is made from high-impact UV - resistant polypropylene. The plate has two blind countersunk holes drilled that can be used to attach a RAM ball or to screw onto a flat surface -- you just need to finish drilling the hole.

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