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Valentine One Concealed Display w/band ID

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Valentine 1 concealed display.  A big step toward privacy …Tired of other drivers crowding up behind so they can live off your detector warnings? Or maybe you just prefer to keep a low profile. Here's a remote display that partners with V1, moving all the visual warnings to a location of your choosing while V1 continues on duty in the dark mode.

The Concealed Display may be attached directly to the Lighter Adapter (see Note below). Or you may mount it anywhere using self-stick interlocking fasteners, then connect with the power cord (included) to either the Lighter Adapter or Direct-Wire Power Adapter (both included with V1).

Attached directly to the Lighter Adapter. Mounted anywhere with included fastener.

Mute and Mode selection are controlled by the Control Knob on the Display (On-Off and Volume adjustments remain on V1).  This compact module measures only 1.0-in. H x 2.5-in. W x 1.2-in. D. Satin-black finish matches V1.

Note: This "attachment" is not possible with the old single-wire Lighter Adapter used up through 1997. Replace with post-1997 Adapter (Item 20314) as used on today's V1.

Includes: Concealed-display module; Power cord, 8-ft.; Power cord, 3-in.; Display-module backplate (for mounting); self-stick interlocking fasteners.

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