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AlcoSense Surety Professional Grade Breathalyser - AS3547:2019 Certified

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Sending your breathalyser to your local service centre is now a thing of the past! The AlcoSense Surety Professional Grade Breathalyser is the first of its type. The AlcoSense Surety has been designed for durability and reliability.

Multiple Applications
For use in all workplaces, transport, construction, mining, airports, engineering & manufacturing. Ideal for screening all employees in safety sensitive fields. Also recommended for use at public events, school formals, clubs, restaurants and where RSA guidelines are enforced.

Sensor Technology
The precision and longevity of the electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor produces a short warm up time and fast measurement repetition. Microprocessor controls optimise processing speed and display time ensuring the measurement is displayed quickly. Alcohol specific calibration technology eliminates cross reactivity with other gases.
Accurate Results
Self-check software provides a quick warm up and alerts when recalibration is due. There is no Auto-Shutdown feature there-by allowing continued testing after the recalibration warning. Conformance to Australian Standard AS3547 ensures the accuracy, durability and functionality of the AlcoSense Surety has been thoroughly tested and approved for workplace use.
Sensor Recognition & Flow Control Technology
The AlcoSense Surety’s Intelli-sensor Recognition Technology checks the sensor condition every time the breathalyser is initialised. An indication will be given if the sensor needs recalibration. The Surety’s Flow Control Technology checks the flow rate of your breath ensuring an adequate air sample is received for analysis.
Fast Mode vs Normal Mode
Rapidly test high volumes of employees using fast mode (passive mode). Displays an indication of the absence or presence of alcohol in the donor’s breath. Normal mode collects a larger breath volume and will indicate the exact alcohol level in the donor’s breath with 3 decimal place accuracy.
The AlcoSense Surety handset allows for greater portability in the field, providing opportunities for on-site testing in remote locations or ‘incident-based’ circumstances. Simply conduct the day’s testing with the The Surety's handset then download the data at your convenience.
Data Storage
The AlcoSense Surety handset stores 500 test results at a time which can then be downloaded to the PC software or printed directly to the printer. Data can be stored on an SD card for later reference.

OH&S Compliance
The stored data can be exported to a disk or printed and included in staff personnel folders or your organisation’s WH&S register for accurate record keeping. This also allows for a reduction in human error when it comes to collecting, recording and transposing the test results. Some organisations may print individual results for inclusion in staff personnel files in addition to downloading a summary of all results to a PC.
PC Software Connectivity
Easy to install software allows data to be downloaded to your PC. Test your employees then download and export the data to an Excel speadsheet for printing and storage. Simple menus, searchable data fields and clear language make this ideal for all workplaces.

Recommended Usage Professional
Sensor Type Replacable Electrochemical Fuel Cell
Accuracy Conforms to Australian Standard AS3547
Range %BAC 0.000 - 0.500
Display LCD
Warm Up Time 5 seconds - 2 minutes
Breath Sampling Time 5 seconds
Temperature Operation -5ºC to 40ºC
Storage -10ºC to 50ºC
Housing Shock Resistant Plastic
Weight 198 grams
Power Source 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
Dimensions 133cm x 64cm x 33cm
Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty
Recalibration Period Every 6 months or 1000 uses

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