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AlcoSense Wingmate Rover Personal Breathalyser

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The Wingmate Rover breathalyser’s smart fuel cell sensor and dual colour backlight provides accurate and clear BAC results anytime, day or night.
With audible alerts, red backlight for warnings, and a compact and lightweight design, the Wingmate Rover is a reliable and convenient personal breath tester for all users.
Fuel Cell Sensor
Fast, alcohol-specific BAC results thanks to its smart fuel cell sensor.
Reliable and Accurate
Provides 3 decimal place BAC readings up to 0.400%BAC accurate to +/- 0.005%BAC.
Personal Breathalyser
Compact, lightweight, and very portable for personal use.
Certified to Australian Standards AS3547
Tested and certified to rigorous Australian Standards for reliability and quality.
  • Fast, alcohol-specific BAC results
  • Accurate to 3 decimal places
  • Light up blue backlight and red backlight for warnings
  • Australian Standards AS3547 Certified



Indication of BAC 0.000 to 0.400% BAC
Accuracy Range ± 0.005% at 0.050% BAC
Warm Up Time 15 ~ 35 seconds
Response Time 3 ~ 22 seconds
Mouthpiece 5 mouthpieces supplied
Sensor Type Fuel cell sensor
Power Supply 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries
Dimensions 114mm high x 47mm wide x 24mm deep
Weight 84g including batteries
Ambient Conditions Operation: 5°C to 40°C Storage: 0°C to 40°C
Calibration Recommended every 500 tests or 6 months, whichever comes first. Australian Standards Requirement: 1 month
Warranty 36 months

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