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MedSense Infrared Thermometer

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The MedSense Infrared Thermometer provides users a more convenient, non-invasive way of testing body temperature without physical contact.
Just place the device at a safe distance of 3-5 cm distance away from the skin and aim it at the middle of the forehead with the help of the LED positioning light. Press a button to take a measurement and the thermometer will give an accurate temperature reading instantly.
This non contact thermometer is perfect for families, medical professionals, and workplace or public testing that requires minimal physical contact. For consecutive testing, the thermometer requires just 10 seconds between tests to ensure accurate measurements.
Instant 1-Second Readings
Get an accurate temperature reading in just 1 second after pressing the measurement button.
Dual Mode Use
Use on both people and objects. The MedSense IR thermometer can not only measure body temperature from the forehead, but can also measure the temperatures of objects and surfaces within the home. For example - bath water temperature, feeding bottles, air temperature, and other applications.
Clinical Accuracy
The MedSense IR forehead thermometer has been clinically validated for accuracy and is a precision instrument that hygienically and accurately records temperature in a safe and non-invasive manner. It has been approved for use in Australia as a Class IIa Medical Device by TGA - Approval No. 333214
Multi-Coloured Backlight Display
This digital thermometer's backlit, colour-coded display lets you know in a glance if the temperature is too high or even too low. The backlight colour changes from green (normal) to orange (attention) or red (fever) depending on the temperature reading. Its backlit display allows usage even at night, and its large clear text and icons ensures results and functions are easy to read.
Fever Alerts
Provides a visual and audio alert when the detected body temperature is high.
The fever alert is perfect for personal, medical or public use. Along with the change in background colour, the thermometer will play a sound to alert you if the temperature is too high.
*Note: the thermometer can also be silenced if needed.
Measure Object Temperature
Other than measuring body temperature, the MedSense thermometer can also be used to measure the temperature of surfaces and objects such as bath water, feeding bottles, and air temperature.
9 Sets of Memory
Keep track of body temperature fluctuations. Recall the last 9 temperature readings with just the click of a button.
Results in ºC or ºF
Easily change reading modes between degrees Celcius or degrees Fahrenheit.

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