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AL4000 Coin Operated Fuel Cell Breathalyser

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Price: $2,950.00
Prod. Code: AL4000CO

The Andatech AL4000CO Wallmount is a commercial quality mountable breathalyser that gives patrons and staff a tool to help them manage drinking in a fun and cost-effective way.  This high quality system utilizes a fuel cell breath testing sensor, the same type of sensor used in police breath testing equipment.  The AL4000CO Model is perfect for use in bars, pubs, Clubs or anywhere.


  • Wall Mount Vending Machine Style
  • Gold Coin Operation ($1 or $2 Dollar Coins)
  • Standard drinking straws dispensed

  • Replaceable sensor module, can be done easily by staff
  • 500 - 700 breath tests before sensor replacement needed

  • Breath test counter keeps track of how many times each new sensor has been used so you know when it needs replacing

  • Modern and robust design
  • Ideal for bar, restaurants and clubs to help prevent drink driving
  • Promotes safe drinking
  • Accurate Fuel Cell Technology
  • Australian Standard Pending



Technical Details:

Indication of BAC 0.000 to 0.500%
Display 2 Lines LCD
Warm up Time Within 30 Seconds
Response Time Within 6 seconds at 0.10%
Use Mouthpiece Disposable Straw
Sensor Fuel Cell
Result Reading Good:  Less than 0.02%
  Warning: 0.02-0.05%
  Danger: More than 0.05%
Power Supply AC 240v, 50/60HZ, 0.5A 
  DC 12V, 1.5A
Coin Mechanism Specify Denomination of Coin
Weight 5.85kg
Dimensions (mm) 90 x 412 x 258
Ambient Conditions 0-50 Celcius
Accuracy 0.000% BAC to 0.100% BAC

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