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Radar/Laser Packages > ALPriority N Radar Package - Fully In-Built Radar Protection
ALPriority N Radar Package - Fully In-Built Radar Protection

Price: $1,650.00
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Prod. Code: ALPNRadPkg

The ALPriority N Radar Package is designed to give you all the advantage of a radar detector with the sleekness and quality of the ALPriority. Featuring the ALPriority Control Box and the NEW N Radar Antenna, this system is set to protect from all Radar threats used in Australia and is updatable for new threats via online download.

This package also comes with the convieniant ALP Bluetooth module which gives the user alerts and notifcations as well as system configuration from a paired smartphone app. Also thanks to the GPS Antenna, allows you to set up the Priority to only warn you of laser & radar alerts when traveling over a user-defined speed range. Great for those who want a break from alerts when driving under 40 kmph.

This Package Includes:

ALPriority Control Box
ALPriority Bluetooth Module Gen.3
ALPriority N Radar Receiver
ALPriority R/G Module Gen.3
ALPriority GPS Antenna

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