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HUDGPS Heads-Up Display Unit

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The HUDGPS Heads-Up Display Unit is designed to sit on the vehicle’s dashboard and reflects the speed of the vehicle onto the windscreen. This means you can keep your eyes on the road instead of glancing down at the factory speedometer.
This unit is suitable for most types of vehicles as it uses GPS to obtain the vehicles speed. The unit also features a compass, auto or manual brightness control and adjustable over-speed warning.
Key Features:
The HUDGPS utilises GPS to acquire the vehicles speed, this means the HUD doesn't rely on the vehicles built-in sensors and no need for any extra sensors to be fitted to the vehicle. This is especially great for vehicles that are having issues with incorrect speed readings due to a change in tyre size like four-wheel-drives with bigger tyres for off-road use, plus, it makes installation is a breeze!
Head in the right direction with the built-in compass. The compass visually highlights the direction you are travelling.
Overspeed Warning
Overspeed warning alerts you if you travel above the preset speed limit. Requires programming of maximum speed threshold.
Brightness Control
The HUDGPS has both automatic and manual brightness control. This ensures you can see the reflected display on the sunniest of days but isn't too bright during the night.
Plug and Play Installation
Simply plug the HUDGPS into your vehicle's power socket and place it and the included non-slip pad on your dash, it'll do the rest.
  • GPS Head-Up display
  • 3.5 inch Multi-color LED display
  • Outward illuminant with reflective film
  • Driving speed display
  • Speed warning function
  • Speed deviation setting
  • Adjustable speed display in KM/H or MPH
  • Compass setting display
  • Car battery reference voltage adjustment.
  • Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode
  • 12/24V 1 Amp DC car adapter
  • 2.5M USB/Mini charge cable
  • Removable sticky non-slip mat
  • Dimensions 90x54x12mm
Pack Includes:
1x GPS HUD Unit
1x 12/24V 1 Amp DC single USB socket charger
1x USB/Mini charge cable 2.5M length
1x Reusable sticky pad mat
1x Reflective windshield film

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