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BLE Locking Standard - Electronic Door Lock w/ Smartphone Access

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Digital keys for electric locks
All your keys in your mobile phone with bank-level security

All keys safely in one place – your mobile phone. Your smartphone is now your digital key! The BLE Locking Standard module enables digital management for key operated door locks.


Use all your digital keys safely and conveniently via your mobile app and share access rights with anyone you want, no internet connection is required. The product works with electric locks, garage doors and car gates.







Physical keys made digital. The door to your home, office or garage, along with a gate or any other accessway with an electric lock, can be made digital. Instead of a physical key, you will use a digital one, stored safely in your phone, in the BLE Locking app.




A manufacturer-independent solution. The BLE Locking module can be installed for any manufacturer’s electric lock, garage door or gate system. You will also retain the ability to use physical keys or existing garage remote controls and access microchips. Installation of the module is easy. If necessary, contact a company specializing in door locks for advice.


Digital keys with bank-level security. You can select different security levels, from standard to bank-level security. In the latter instance, your digital keys will be treated as money in the bank.


Possibility to share access rights. Send the digital key effortlessly to a visitor standing at your door, even when you are halfway across the globe. Keys can be issued for single or multiple use and, if desired, for specific dates and times.


Works without an Internet connection. The BLE Locking module functions based on the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard and does not require an Internet connection to open the accessway.


A solution without monthly fees. The BLE Locking Standard module is available without a monthly fee. Purchasing the module is a single investment, after which you will only pay for the digital key generation whenever you need one.




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