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WOOR: Double Demerits - What You Need To Know

Dec 15, 2020

Double Demerits: When They Start And What You Need To Know

You could cop a heavier penalty with double demerits set to kick in over the holidays.

But when exactly do they start and what are police looking out for?

NSW and ACT Double Demerits:
Double demerit penalties will start just after midnight on Christmas Eve before ending on January 4.

Among the offences police will be targeting over the holiday period include speeding, seatbelts, riding without helmets and using phones while driving.

It means over the holidays offenders can be slapped with whopping demerit point amounts.

For example, travelling 45km/h over the speed limit is a 14-point demerit penalty between Christmas Eve and the start of the New Year. That would lead to a loss of license.

Driving without a seatbelt is a six-point demerit penalty over the period while using a phone will cost drivers 10 demerits.

Western Australia Double Demerits:
Drivers in Western Australia will be slapped with double demerits for a wide range of offences from Friday December 18.

The double demerit period will end on January 4.

Police in the west will target driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, speeding, driving while using a phone, running red lights and seat belt offences.

Anyone looking to dodge a speed camera or who is caught using a device to block their detection will get slapped with 14 points.

Queensland Double Demerits:
Queenslanders don’t have a double demerit period per se.

Instead, if you commit the same offence twice within 12 months, such as driving while using a phone or speeding in Queensland, drivers will be slapped with double demerits.

This is active throughout the year too.

South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory:
Victoria doesn’t have a double demerits system, however if a driver gets 12 demerit points in three years they face suspension. Provisional and learner licence holders can be suspended for five demerits in 12 months and 12 demerits in three years.

Demerits in South Australia take three years to expire with the same 12-point limit in three years as Victoria. This also applies in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

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