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WOOR: Unmarked Cameras Rolled Out Across Australia

Jan 12, 2021

Sneaky Unmarked Speed Cameras Soon To Be Rolled Out Across Australia

Utes will be installed with hidden cameras in the rear tray as part of the latest sneaky tactic to bust motorists not sticking to the road rules.

Australia's biggest selling vehicles will be transformed into unmarked speed camera vehicles by the New South Wales Government as part of its renewed crackdown on speeding.

The tactic, which has already proved successful in other states, follows the government's controversial recent decision to remove signs warning of mobile speed cameras within the next 12 months.

Motorists got a first glimpse of one of the new cameras hidden in the back of a Ford Ranger on the NSW Speed Camera Locations Facebook page on Tuesday, which has since gone viral.

'A majority of the new unmarked mobile speed camera vehicles will be large four-door utes with the camera system hidden in the tray covered by a canopy,' the post read.

'They will be all sorts of colours and makes. The system has already started and will have up to 150 units by mid this year.'

The post sparked a divided response online.

'Honestly, it just gives everyone an even better reason to hate k***s in dual cab utes with canopies more than they already do,' one man commented.

Many saw the move as another revenue-raiser for the government.

'This is the biggest cash grab ever. With the signage, drivers see that and slow down. Now there is no visual trigger as a reminder to check their speed so they will just keep speeding and a few days later get a fine in the mail,' one driver commented.

Others pointed out other states are already using similar tactics, including Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the offices of NSW roads minister Andrew Constance and finance minister Damien Tudehope for more details.

It's unknown how many of the existing 45 speed camera cars across NSW will have their reflective markings removed.

The roads minister hinted at the sneaky new tactics in a NSW government release dated January 2 in relation to the 2020 road toll.

'We aim to halt this trend in 2021 by expanding the mobile speed camera program and removing markings from some of the vehicles so people know they can be caught anywhere, anytime,' Mr Constance said.

The decision comes after unmarked mobile phone ­detection cameras decreased the number of drivers caught using their phones behind the wheel.

NSW Transport figures revealed one in every 82 drivers were spotted using their phones while driving before the cameras were installed, which has since dropped to one in every 454.

The NSW government insisted the statewide crackdown was about saving lives, not revenue collection.

NSW recorded its lowest ever road toll in 2020 with 297 lives lost.

Six lives have already been lost on the state's roads in the first 11 days of 2021.

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