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WOOR: Drivers Finally Score Win Against Speed Trap

Dec 8, 2022

A Speed Trap Made the City Millions in a Couple of Months, but Drivers Finally Score a Win

Speed cameras have become a very useful tool for city administrations everywhere. They make sure that drivers who cannot keep their foot off the accelerator pedal will pay for their desire to speed. Enforcing traffic laws and making sure speed restrictions are respected is a lot easier nowadays. You may speed once or twice. But at some point, paying fine after fine becomes a burden, and you’ll most likely adapt.

At least, that’s what government officials hope will happen. They know that driving is already an expensive activity given the latest energy, financial, and manufacturing developments. Adding extra costs to it is something most would like to avoid. However, a speed camera in Sydney managed to bring the city approximately $2.5 million from just recording those who went above the 30 kph threshold. The most impressive part – it raked in all this cash in just seven months!

The camera is highly efficient, considering it does not require anything to operate. And it’s on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year without needing a car, gas, a gun, sirens, paid leave, time off for food, or anything else an employee would require. So, the return on investment is something an active trader can only dream of.

Sydney residents living in the area were surprised to find out that they have been fined for going a little over 30 kph. In addition to the money they had to pay, drivers also lost one point off their licenses. After over 14,000 people received their notices in the mail, complaints started pouring. Everyone was unhappy with the situation.

Elected officials caved in after car owners traveling through that part of Sydney demanded action. New South Wales’s minister for Metropolitan Roads has confirmed the speed limit will be scrapped first thing next year. The 30 kph speed limit will be raised to 40 kph in January after other preventive and non-sanctioning safety measures are put in place. At the same time, drivers who go over the current speed limit of 30 kph and stay under 40 kph will receive warnings from now on, not fines.

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