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DGC News January 2010:  Special Member Prices + Ne

Jan 1, 2010

DGC News January 2010: Special Member Prices + New Traps!

We hope you all had a great holiday season. To start off the New Year with a bang, we are offering some exclusive discounts to previous customers and members only. These deals will not be highlighted on our website so you must phone us to order.

Special Member Prices for January 2010:

Bel STi XR – $729.00
Whistler Pro-78SE - $329.00
Laser Pro Park - $599.00
Escort 9500ci Radar/Laser System - $1,799.00
NEW! Escort Redline - $749.00
NEW! Bel-STI Remote PLUS w/GPS Fixed Camera Detector - $1,699.00

Western Australia News:
Police in Western Australia have confirmed that they will be rolling out the new Poliscan laser-based speed camera system, which is already in place in Victoria. These new cameras will be able to detect and photograph speeders across four lanes of traffic, both in both oncoming lanes and opposite lanes moving away from the camera. Laser cameras are notoriously difficult to detect with a radar detector but the Laser Pro Park will give you the necessary time you need to slow down against these speed traps. Other states that use laser cameras are NT, ACT and TAS, however these states use the Redflex Lasercam.

Queensland News:
New digital fixed speed cameras are being rolled out across Queenland that are more accurate and will nab even more speeders going less over the speed limit by simply reducing the tolerance difference between a car and the recorded speed. From the news article on news.com.au (for full article click here):

“This would result in tens of thousands more motorists being booked without any speed limits being changed. The tolerance, which acts as a legal buffer for inaccuracy, is the difference between the speed limit and the detection trigger on cameras and hand-held radars.”

Buy one of our fixed camera detectors today to get advanced warning to all fixed cameras across Australia with database updates on new camera locations!

G200 Camera Locator - Only $129.00
G220 Camera Detector – Only $219.00
C100 Camera Detector & Central Radar/Laser Display – NOW $349.00

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