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DGC News April 2010:  Easter Double Demeris!

Apr 1, 2010

DGC News April 2010: Easter Double Demeris!

Double demerits Easter is just around the corner... and so are the police!

The second biggest revenue raising season of the year is almost upon us, Easter weekend. No doubt the boys in blue with their trusty speed cameras and handheld laser guns will be out in full force making sure the roads are safe from the evil-doers of the road. You know, all the hard-working Australian men and women who might slip up to 105km/h on a long stretch of open road.

Our radar and laser defense equipment will allow you to even the odds this Easter season and for many years to come, giving you advanced warning and defence against the various types of speeding traps on the road today. Our gear will pay for itself over time and allows you to drive in peace on your way to visit family and friends over the long weekend.

So what equipment do we recommend?

If you are in any state including states outside of Western Australia, your decision is easy... You need a 100% undetectable radar detector because the police cannot pick up if you are using them, guaranteed. The undetectable portable range includes the Bel STi XR and the Escort Redline. The undetectable built in range includes the Bel STI-R PLUS and the Escort 9500ci.

In all states we recommend the purchase of the Laser Pro Park. This unique laser defence system will help protect you against those pesky handheld guns.

Order deadlines:

Metro Areas - March 31st by 2:00pm WA time zone.
Rural Areas - March 29th by 2:00pm WA time zone.

Be quick! Product sell-outs leading up to popular long-weekend stretches are common.
After looking over our website, if you are not sure what gear is right for you please feel free to call or email us.

New products launching soon:

New Vizalert V2 helmet display, now completely built into the helmet.
The Super Protector plate covers are back for bikes and cars, available on www.securitygear.com.au

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