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DGC News May 2010:  New Laser Cameras Are Here!

May 1, 2010

Happy May DGC members. This months newsletter will focus on the latest threat hitting Australian roads, laser traps, including the new Vitronic Poliscan camera being released in WA.

Laser is growing in popularity for speed enforcement for a number of reasons:

Continuous and/or long term exposure to radar devices could be linked to an increase in cancer amongst police officers (refs below).
Laser is more accurate and faster at obtaining a speed reading than radar.
Laser is more versatile and laser systems do not have to be tuned, decreasing the maintenance costs.
Radar detectors don’t give users enough time to slow down against laser traps.
There are two types of laser traps used in Australia, handheld guns and speed cameras (fixed & mobile). Police in all states already use the popular handheld guns primarily in city areas and now all states except Queensland (to our knowledge) have employed at least some number of laser-based speed cameras.

WA police have just launch a new mobile laser cameras system called the Vitronic Poliscan, the first of its kind in Australia. Some of the “advantages” of this new camera for the police will be:

They will be able to take front and rear photos across 4 lanes of traffic both coming and going.
They will be able to catch speeding motorcyclists.
They will have lane identification so they can tell which car of two cars in a photo was speeding (ie. If someone was overtaking another car).
They will increase revenue from $40million to $120million in WA this year alone.
Radar detectors will not give dependable or accurate time to slow down.

Read more about the new Poliscan coming to WA HERE:

What do you need to properly guard yourself against laser traps? The Laser Pro Park!

We can’t stress enough the importance of the Laser Pro Park. The new Vitronic Poliscan will send out 100 samples (or pulses of light) per second, which our Laser Pro Park already covers. This means that if you are a WA driver with an LPP already, you don’t need to upgrade. However, you should consider a rear sensor for the back of your vehicle just in case they take your speed when you are in the opposing lane.

The Laser Pro Park already defeats the Redflex Lasercam used in SA, NT, ACT and TAS as well as the other version of the Poliscan used in VIC and NSW (note: some radar-based cameras are also used in these states still).

Want to see the Laser Pro Park in action?

One of our valued customers took the following video in SA against a permanently mounted Redflex camera system mounted on a bridge:


We also took the following video of the Laser Pro Park vs. the LTi Ultralyte which is used in WA, SA, VIC, QLD, NT, ACT and TAS:


REMEMBER - The Laser Pro Park is a parking sensor is not intended to intentionally interfere with police laser guns specifically, however it does unintentionally interfere with other laser devices that run on the 904nm license free light spectrum. The Laser Pro Park is the only 100% legal to use laser defense system in the world, we do not recommend the use of laser jammers.

References relating to police radar use and cancer:

FDA warns police about radar devices

Occupational Exposure of Police Officers to Microwave Radiation From Traffic Radar Devices

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