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DGC News June 2010:  Funny Video & Thank You

Jun 1, 2010

Hello DGC Members! This financial year has been a busy time for us... and the police. The police have been buying new cameras and upgrading their old equipment and we've been releasing appropriate countermeasures for you to keep your license protected. Throughout this financial year we've received overwhelming support from members and customers with plenty of great stories about the saves you all had with our gear. Keep the stories coming, we love to hear them.

To end this financial year with a smile, we would like to share a video sent to us by our friends at perthstreetbikes.com and their experience with a red light camera - enjoy!

Perthstreetbikes Forum vs. Fixed Cameras: Push Bike MADNESS


End of Financial Year for businesses: Looking for some end of year tax write-offs? Contact us today!

Thank you!

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