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DGC News Oct 2010:  Big News in WA

Oct 1, 2010

DGC News Oct 2010: Big News in WA

Greetings Dontgetcaught Members,

This months letter is focusing on some major changes coming to WA, these changes may be coming to other states so it is worth reading if you live outside of WA.
The WA police have been very busy figuring out new ways to pad their bank accounts. This month we want to make you aware of some major changes in police equipment coming to Perth this year and get your support to fight a potential ban on radar detectors.

NEW TRAP #1 - Poliscan in a Van
The first is the new hidden speed camera being put into the back of vans. The camera itself is the new laser camera, the Vitronic Poliscan which our ALG9 already covers. If you already have an ALG9 there is no need to worry. If you don't, please phone us to discuss your options!

Click image to read article about new camera vans

NEW TRAP #2 - Fixed red light & speed camera
The second type of trap being rolled out in Perth is a combo camera system being put up at intersections. These new fixed camera systems will serve as a dual purpose, to catch people who run red lights and it is also a fixed speed camera. So beware if you normally speed up to get through a yellow light! These new fixed camera systems don't run on radar OR laser. The only way to get advance notification of these new cameras is with a GPS receiver that has an accurate camera database enabled. Our G200 and G220 GPS fixed camera locators has the most up-to-date GPS camera database in Australia because the database is managed by an Australian company. The Australian database on the G200 and G220 is updated weekly so you always have the latest camera locations and best of all the updates are FREE.

NEW TRAP #3 - LTi TruCam - Police distance themselves further from road safety
The third trap is the new handheld gun called the LTi TruCam. This new handheld gun is able to take a video and photo of a speeding vehicle. The police on our roads will no longer need to pull you over if they catch you speeding, they will just send you the fine in the mail. This new piece of equipment distances our police even further from the public when enforcing speeding laws, in fact the way they hide you may never know they were even there! I'm not sure how this supports the goal of increased road safety but the question needs to be answered. To date, the ALG9 is the only gun on the market that has proven to stop the LTi TruCam which is the main reason we have upgraded to this new system. All other laser defence systems on the market have failed against this new gun. Please see our laser defence section on our website for video proof that the ALG9 works against the new LTI TruCam & the Vitronic Poliscan.

Click image to read the news article about the fixed cameras and the LTi TruCam

There was recently an article in The West Australian about a potential ban on radar detectors. Click HERE to read. We don't really see what the point of a ban would be at this stage since radar detectors give no advanced warning against the laser equipment the police just upgraded to. Also, radar detectors are one of the only systems on the market that scans the Safety Warning Systems used on emergency vehicles, construction sites and more. As such, radar detectors seem to be doing more than the government to improve road safety in WA. The Australian Drivers Rights Association of WA is working hard to keep any potential ban from coming into effect and they need your help! Please visit their website TODAY join as a member and download and fill out a letter to send to your local member or premier to keep this ban from coming into effect! http://www.adrawa.com.au/

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