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Don't Get Caught Members > DGC News Dec 2010: Christmas time = Christmas fine
DGC News Dec 2010: Christmas time = Christmas fine

Dec 1, 2010

DGC News Dec 2010: Christmas time = Christmas fines!

Dear Don't Get Caught Members,

Christmas is only a few weeks away which means the police will be out in droves, ready to hit families hard while they travel to see loved ones. With double demerits and double fines imposed in most states during the holidays, this is the best time for the police to pad their bank account with various types of speed traps. Don't let the police spoil your holiday, buy one of our systems to protect yourself this season... or put it on your Christmas wish list!

What do you need for each type of trap?

Radar traps:   Highway patrol cars & mobile radar cameras.
   Buy our top seller, the 100% undetectable Escort Redline - Now $799.00

Laser traps:   Handheld laser guns & mobile laser cameras.
   Buy the LEGAL TO USE ALG9 "Park" - From $699.00 to $1,999.00 depending on sensor quantity & size of your vehicle

Fixed cameras:   Red light & pole/bridge cameras:
G200 Camera Detector - Only $129.00
G220 Camera Detector - Only $199.00
C100 Camera Detector & Central Radar/Laser Display - Only $349.00
All GPS camera detectors are 100% legal to use.

Not sure what you need? Phone us today to discuss.

Holiday Closure:
Our office will be closed from December 24th - January 2nd.
We will re-open on January 3rd.

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