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Don't Get Caught Members > DGC News March 2011: New Product, T22 GPS Tracker
DGC News March 2011: New Product, T22 GPS Tracker

Mar 1, 2011

Dear DGC Members,

It looks like 2011 is the year for new products from Security Gear. The product we're launching this month is literally the first of it's kind in the world. The unit is a live GPS tracker which can be used in cars, bikes, boats and even in your children's backpacks to keep track of where they are. It can also be used as a personal privacy device to keep places like your office or bedroom private. The Tramigo T22 is the first GPS tracker that is controlled entirely through your phone and text messaging. There is no special software needed (although there are some options for this) and the best part of all, there is no monthly GPS subscription fees like traditional live tracking systems.

How does it work? It's fairly simple. You will need to buy either a pre or post paid sim card for the T22. You insert this sim card into the T22 tracker and link up your mobile phone with the T22. From that point on you can receive various messages from the T22 based on it's movements or what is happening around it. You can even remotely listen in on the T22's environment to hear what's going on! Since the monitoring is all done via text messages to your phone, the T22 comes pre-loaded with a landmark database to tell specific information and landmark data about your car/bike/etc. For example, a text message from the T22 may read "Tramigo Parked at Central Rail Station" or "Tramigo traveling at 80kmph on Mitchell Freeway near Hutton St exit".

Not just for vehicles!
You can easily setup the motion activation feature on the T22 to keep tabs on your car (or office or room) then listen in to what's happening with the voice monitor.
Keep your privacy just that... private.

Tramigo T22 - Top Uses:
Kid tracker – Put a T22 in their backpack so can keep track of them. Be notified when they travel a specified distance from home or school.
Motion Sensor Silent Alarm – Turn on the Alarm and be notified when someone is in your car, truck or boat. Motorcycle owners can be notified if someone knocks over their bike.
Excess Speeding – Set the speed limit and be notified when it’s exceeded. Perfect for checking on new drivers.
Unauthorized use of vehicle – Turn on Ignition reporting and be notified when someone is using your vehicle. Good when on holidays or when you take your car in for repairs.
Voice monitor – Leave your T22 anywhere you want to remotely listen in. Good for checking on babysitters, car repairs, hotel rooms. Listen in when your car alarm goes off to hear what’s happening. Requires optional microphone.
Emergency calls – T22 can receive calls and can make outgoing calls only to the numbers you specify.
Personal Assistance – Anytime you need help press the Tramigo logo and your friends are automatically notified of your location. Leave a T22 with your grandparents so they can get help without having to dial a phone. You can also listen in to hear what the problem is.
Door Alarm – Put a T22 in a bag and hang in on your doorknob for an instant door alarm. You will receive a text when someone enters the room. Also good for cottages or any place you leave unattended since you can also plug the unit into a wall plug.
Arrival Notification – Notify your family automatically when you are almost home. Good for boat owners as well.
Expense reporting – Use Trip reports to automatically keep track of your mileage for expense reports
Power monitor – Plug a T22 into the wall power and be notified that the power has been turned off. Good for vacation homes and boats.

The T22 Car Key Features Include:
Check location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere with text messages (SMS)
Shut Down Engine via SMS, Ignition Sensing and Other IO features
Receive useful reports such as speed, trip or zone crossings
Use local language commands on any mobile phone or PC
No monthly fees, location information with local GPS powered TLD landmarks*
Microphone for in-vehicle Listening
In-built back-up battery and motion sensor
SMS notification if the battery is running low
Free M1 Move Smart Phone software
M1 Fleet PC software for Fleet Owners
There are no monthly or annual fees; the user only pays the normal price of the SMS messages sent.
NOTE: You will need a new sim card for the T22.

Buy online today at www.dontgetcaught.com.au

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