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DGC News August 2011

Aug 1, 2011

Hello DGC Members,

Purchase the 100% Legal Antilaser ALG9 Laser Defense System in August and go in the draw to win a Cheetah C50 Fixed & Redlight Camera Locator
Drawn 1 September 2011, winners notified by email

In the short time I have been with DGC one of the most common questions I get asked is, what equipment do we recommend and what is going to be the best defense in your State?

So what equipment do we recommend?

If you are in any state outside of Western Australia, your decision is easy...
You need a 100% undetectable radar detector because the police cannot pick up if you are using them, guaranteed.
The Undetectable Portable Range includes the Escort REDLINE & Bel STi XR.
The Undetectable Built in Range includes the Bel STI-R PLUS and the Escort 9500ci.

In all states we recommend the purchase of the ANTILASER ALG9. This unique laser defence system will help protect you against those pesky handheld guns & laser cameras.
Why is the ALG9 Park the best (and safest) option for laser defence?
   Safe to Use: It is 100% LEGAL to use.
   Protects Your Vehicle: The G9 Park is a laser-based parking sensor that also runs on the 905nm light spectrum. Laser parking helps ensure that you don’t run into other obstructions - keeps your car looking great.
   Responsible Reaction to Interference: If interference with other laser systems occurs, the G9 Park automatically turns itself off after 4 or 8 seconds (user defined) - making it the most responsible device on the market as it will not continue to interfere with other laser equipment. Driver is notified when interference with other laser systems is occurring.
   No Jamming Codes: Does not activate jamming code in Australian police laser guns
    (because it is not a jammer)

Invest your tax refund wisely! Don't give your tax refund back to the government, buy one of our Radar/Laser Defense Systems, save yourself fines, points and frustration!

Our facebook page will be dedicated to new product updates and news articles relating to speeding, cameras, radar/laser and fines across Australia. We will also cover these headlines in our monthly newsletter as per normal but the facebook page will be quicker to see updated news.
The link to our facebook page is here: Please join us.


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