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DGC News September 2011

Aug 31, 2011

DGC News September 2011: LASER LASER LASER

Hello DGC Members,

Thank you for all your support with regards the Antilaser G9 Laser Defense System, we have had a great response and so if you are looking for added protection its not too late to contact us and get a system. See news item below.

Not sure anyone saw TV the other night, please find a bit of news and link below

Video speed cameras - Today Tonight - Yahoo!7 Newsau.news.yahoo.com

The latest weapon in the war on speed are being trialled on our roads, and their strike rate is incredible.
The future of law enforcement is here, in the shape of the most sophisticated speed camera of all time. The unbeatable money-making machine for the Government will be rolled out en mass across the country.According to Queensland Superintendent Paul Fogate the Tru-cams are fast, efficient and unavoidable.
“By the time you see it being operated by a person, you would have been detected - it's anywhere anytime,” Fogate said.

New Product – Uniden iGO SatNav Range

You can now get the Uniden iGo GPS Satellite Navigation Range of Products from us, look out for them on our webpage.
Has Fixed Speed/Redlight/School Zone/Rail Crossing Locations,
Advanced Lane Guidence & Sign Post Information, Overspeed Alert.

VizAlert Wireless Helmet Display – Motor Bike Riders

Designed by bikers, for bikers, the Vizalert is a unique helmet warning system wirelessly links to popular Radar Detectors and Laser Defence Systems and displays the alerts from those systems discreetly in your peripheral vision via an LED light. The unit offers a unique motion activated, water-proof receiver system that conveniently mounts to the outside of your helmet. From the receiver there is a cable that runs under the padding of your helmet to the LED light display. Using the defence gear on your bike has never been easier with the DIY installation kit and included PowerSense node.

Our facebook page will be dedicated to new product updates and news articles relating to speeding, cameras, radar/laser and fines across Australia. We will also cover these headlines in our monthly newsletter as per normal but the facebook page will be quicker to see updated news.


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