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DGC News December 2011 - Merry Christmas

Dec 1, 2011

DGC News - December 2011 – Merry Christmas
Hi DGC Members.

The DGC Team would like to take this opportunity to wish all our DGC Members a Very Merry Christmas and Very Happy and Safe New Year.

But beware, as we count down to the Holiday Season, the police will be out and about in force and ready to provide early Christmas Presents for us all. Double Demerits and Double Fines are imposed in most states during this period.
Don't spoil the Family Holiday, buy one of our systems to protect yourself this season - put it on the Christmas Wish List!

Look Look Look
The New Bel XR Magnum i
Available Early December – Taking Orders Now. Contact DGC to Discuss.

(exclusive international model)

Top of the range undetectable portable radar safety detector
The “Bel XR Magnum i” is an exclusive international model modified with expanded K Band range to 23.95Ghz to detect the new Redflex mobile speed cameras in Australia and New Zealand.
Bel XR Magnum i provides the longest-range warning of any detector ever made, for radar and laser speed traps. 60% performance increase on the previous XR. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Virtually Eliminates False Alerts.
Independently tested in Australia to confirm it is undetectable to all Radar Detector Detectors
including the Aussie made Stalcar. Its advanced technology should see it remain undetectable for the foreseeable future.
Provides a 1km warning via Safety Warning System Technology to warn of road hazards and emergency vehicles where transmitted fitted.

Amazing 60% Performance improvement Clear Digital Voice and Audio Alerts
Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology Mute and AutoMute™ Audio Controls
All Australian & New Zealand Radar/Laser Band Coverage Easy-to-Use Options and Controls
Expanded K Band to 23.95 Ghz. Ultra-Bright High Definition Display
Multi-Sensor Laser Protection 360 degrees Brightness Control with Dark Mode
Undetectable to Aussie made Stalcar RDD Magnesium Construction
Advanced AutoScan™ Processing One year limited warranty
Quickest response time of any detector ever built. Dimensions: 3.2 x 7.0 x 12.1cm
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Virtually Eliminates False Alerts

The Escort Redline:
Radar Traps: Highway Patrol Cars & Mobile Radar Cameras.
Buy our top seller, the 100% undetectable Escort Redline - Now $699.00ea

The ALG9 Laser Defense System:
Laser Traps: Handheld Laser Guns & Mobile Laser Cameras.
Buy the LEGAL TO USE ALG9 "Park" - From $699.00 to $1,999.00 depending on Sensor Quantity & Vehicle Size

The Cheetah C50:
Fixed Cameras: Red Light & Pole/Bridge Cameras:
Cheetah C50 & C50 Platinum Membership - $224.00ea

Other Products
Breath Testing Equipment - Certified to AS3547 Quality Standards
Other Beltronics & Escort Radar Detectors
T22Car Tracker

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