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DGC News January 2012 - Happy New Year

Jan 17, 2012

Dear DGC Members,

We hope you all had a great holiday season. To start off the New Year with a bang, we are offering some exclusive discounts to previous customers and members only.
These deals will not be highlighted on our website so you must phone us to order.

Special Member Prices until end of January 2012:

Bel-STI Remote PLUS w/GPS Fixed Camera Detector - $2950.00
& ALG9Triple ( Save $546.00 off RRP)

NEW- Bel XR Magnum i & ALG9Triple - $2050.00

T22Car Tracker (See Info Below) - $ 349.00

AlcoSense CheckMate Breathalyser Fuel Cell - $ 140.00

Don’t forget you must phone us to order.

T22Car Tracking Device

“The Trusted Friend for any Car or Fleet Owner”
T22Car Tracker enables you to know always where your vehicles are and is easy to install to any car, truck or heavy vehicle. It can be installed fully hidden and powered from vehicle’s battery.
T22 Car Tracking Device has special version for each country using local language and local TLD landmarks.
?There are no monthly or annual fees; the user only pays the normal price of the SMS messages sent.
T22Car Tracker System Key Features Include:
.    Check location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere with text messages (SMS)
.    Shut Down Engine via SMS, Ignition Sensing and Other IO features
.    Receive useful reports such as speed, trip or zone crossings
.    Use local language commands on any mobile phone or PC
.    No monthly fees, location information with local GPS powered TLD landmarks*
.    Microphone for in-vehicle Listening
.    In-built back-up battery and motion sensor
.    Free M1 Move Smart Phone software
.    M1 Fleet PC software for Fleet Owners

In all states we recommend the purchase of the ANTILASER ALG9. This unique laser defence system will help protect you against those pesky handheld guns & laser cameras.
Why is the ALG9 Park the best (and safest) option for laser defence?
•   Safe to Use: It is 100% LEGAL to use.
•   Protects Your Vehicle: The G9 Park is a laser-based parking sensor that also runs on the 905nm light spectrum. Laser parking helps ensure that you don’t run into other obstructions - keeps your car looking great.
•   Responsible Reaction to Interference: If interference with other laser systems occurs, the G9 Park automatically turns itself off after 4 or 8 seconds (user defined) - making it the most responsible device on the market as it will not continue to interfere with other laser equipment. Driver is notified when interference with other laser systems is occurring.
•   No Jamming Codes: Does not activate jamming code in Australian police laser guns. (because it is not a jammer)

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