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Mar 1, 2012

Dear DGC Members,

We would like to advise all our DGC Members that we recently moved premises and are now located in Carlisle WA, we hope this is a little more central for our Western Australian customers, Phone & Fax Numbers remain the same but we have added Menu options to assist in providing you with a better service.
Please check out our DGC Web Site for new Address.
The Cheetah C50 fixed camera locator to alert you to all fixed cameras including red light speed cameras. Using the C50 will make you more aware of your speed, your surroundings and approaching road hazards. You'll know where to watch out for red light runners or drivers slamming on their brakes unexpectedly. And if you are distracted for any reason (mobile phone, kids, changing radio stations, etc) the safety alerts will focus your attention back onto the road when you need it most.

What do you need to properly guard yourself against laser traps?

Answer: The ALG9 Laser Defense System
In all states we recommend the purchase of the ANTILASER ALG9. This unique laser defense system will help protect you against those pesky handheld guns & laser cameras.
Why is the ALG9 Park the best (and safest) option for laser defense?
•   Safe to Use: It is 100% LEGAL to use.
•   Protects Your Vehicle: The G9 Park is a laser-based parking sensor that also runs on the 905nm light spectrum. Laser parking helps ensure that you don’t run into other obstructions - keeps your car looking great.
•   Responsible Reaction to Interference: If interference with other laser systems occurs, the G9 Park automatically turns itself off after 4 or 8 seconds (user defined) - making it the most responsible device on the market as it will not continue to interfere with other laser equipment. Driver is notified when interference with other laser systems is occurring.
•   No Jamming Codes: Does not activate jamming code in Australian police laser guns. (because it is not a jammer)

WIN WIN WIN WIN – AlcoSense AL9000L Breathalyser
Police around the country are continuing on a Laser expansion blitz and our ALG9 Laser Defense System has proven a popular countermeasure. So if you do not have the ALG9 System as yet here is a some incentive. This month anyone purchasing a ALG9 Laser Defense System will go into the draw for a AlcoSense AL9000L Fuel Cell Breathalyser. RRP $349.00
AlcoSense Breath Testing Equipment - certified to AS3547 quality standards

Radar Accessories
Don’t forget we carry a full range of Radar Detector Accessories, from Hardwire Kits, Sun Visor Clips to Cup Mounts.

Radar Detector Faults & Servicing
DGC can Service most Beltronics or Escort Radar Detectors, please ring us to discuss before sending to us as we will need to send you a Service Request Form, if you have any queries regarding Servicing, please contact us on 08 49414 9045

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