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DGC News - November 2012

Nov 1, 2012

What's On Our Radar!
Queensland Could Outsource Extra Speed Cameras:

Private operators could soon be operating extra speed cameras in Queensland as the government tries to cut costs and boost revenue. The government is considering outsourcing speed cameras, replacing police operators with civilian public servants or shifting the function entirely to another department, The Courier-Mail reports. It says the government is seeking to increase its revenue from speed cameras by $28 million in the next year, to $81 million. A spokesman for Police Minister Jack Dempsey confirmed several options were under consideration as part of the joint Transport and Main Roads review. Queensland is the only state where police man mobile speed cameras, usually outside of their rostered hours, resulting in hefty overtime payments. President Ian Leavers said the union had not been consulted about the latest review. 'The LNP Government knows they would be told by police that this is simply a crazy idea that will cause more road deaths due to incorrect compliance,' Mr Leavers told the paper.
Other Products:
Fixed Camera Detection with the Cheetah C50
Tramigo T22 Car Trackers

Featured Product: ALG9 Laser Defence
Designed to keep you and your vehicle safe from exterior threats, the G9 Park comprises parts fabricated to military standards. It uses a Laser diode working on 905 nm light frequency the same as military range-finders and police laser speed measurement equipment. The G9 is one hundred times stronger than comparable light emitting diodes used in some classic infra-red sensors.

November Special:
For November Only, whenever you purchase an Escort Redline Radar Detector you will receive a Super Cup Mount absolutely free.

Your Shout:
Send in photos of your Radar Detector or ALG9 in use or testomonials and you will go into the quaterly draw to win an AL9000L Portable Breathalyser valued at $249.00

Featured Product Advantages:
Operates as a Laser Parking sensor so it's 100% legal to buy and use.
Stops all police laser guns and laser speed cameras from obtaining your speed.
Driver is notified when the ALG9 is protecting a vehicle from laser speed traps and parking obstructions.
The ALG9 shuts itself off after 4 or 8 seconds of interference, allowing your speed to be taken by laser guns after the shut down sequence.
Automatically rearms itself 60 seconds after vehicle has passed a laser speed trap.
Does not activate jamming code in Australian police guns.
Fully installed system.

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