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DGC News 2013 - New Financial Year

Jul 1, 2013

“What is my priority when on the open road? To feel safe while enjoying a drive.
To experience a passionate sense of freedom!”
Our Priority was to develop an omnipotent product as a reply to the numerous requests we have received from our customers over the
past years.
We are introducing the smallest and most powerful sensor available. It is an internet upgradeable & user programmable control unit, with new handy add-ons. By assuring top quality & inventive solutions, we proudly carry a list of registered and pending patents in the USA and worldwide, proving to be a leader in the field.
Please find below a brief description of AntiLaser advantages! A far wider and more inclusive description of advantages can be found over the next several pages.
Advantages over previous AL models and competition:
• AL is the original successor to the Worlds' First laser based multipurpose parking sensor • features the smallest sensors in its ultimate performance class
• superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology
• extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interferences
• holds the widest protection angle (up to ±15°H ±15°V)
• laser detection power (coverage) improved by 20% over previous RX2 model
•power of laser detection at least 40-100% greater than power of detection of any
competitive products (and even higher if compared with lower class competitive products)
AL Priority brings you Industry's First:
? Dual processor Design running at over 100 MHz
? user friendly internet upgrades and set-up via USB flash drive
? USB flash drive Theft protection Key
? 5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination
? innovative rear&side sensor cable exit
? Laser cruise-control filtering sensor for factory LCC equipped cars ? compatibility with many third party devices (radar, GPS antennas) ? advanced self-test function detects disconnection or malfunction ? fully effective from 10V to 17V power supply
Industry's First
Unlike most competitive products, AL Priority is designed and manufactured in Europe in an ISO 9001 certified factory. It carries a full complement of certificates: CE, e26, RoHS and Laser Class I.

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