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DGC News August 2013

Aug 5, 2013

Dear DGC Members.

The New ESCORT Redline PROA Safety Radar Detector now available with Segmented Ka Band.
Special AU/NZ Peak Performance Model - The most sensitive portable safety radar detector period

The Redline PRO A has been tested and tuned for peak AU/NZ performance. It’s Totalshield Technology has been independently lab tested to ensure it’s undetectability to Australian made RDD’s, no RDD will detect this unit! The Redline Pro A gives the user the performance of a fitted system in a portable package.
The Redline Pro A provides the longest range for every signal out there. Its twin-antennae design allows it to maximize performance by band, giving you the longest warning possible. This unit’s performance is backed up with a tough magnesium shell.
Now includes segmented superwide Ka band.
The Redline PROA is packaged in a rugged travel case and comes complete with a smart cord power lead and adjustable windscreen bracket.

Operating Bands:
X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz?•
K-band: 23.950 GHz ± 100 MHz?•
Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz (see below)
Ka1 - 33.392 - 33.704GHz
Ka2 - 33.704 - 33.896GHz
Ka3 - 33.886 - 34.198GHz
Ka4 - 34.186 - 34.592Ghz
Ka5 - 34.592 - 34.808GHz
Ka6 - 34.806 - 35.166GHz
Ka7 - 35.143 - 35.383GHz
Ka8 - 35.378 - 35.618GHz
Ka9 - 35.595 - 35.835GHz
Ka10 - 35.830 - 35.998GHz
Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth
Power Requirement:
• 12VDC, Negative Ground?• Coiled SmartPlugTM with Mute Button

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