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ALPriority Firmware Update!

Jun 8, 2014

What's NEW in Control Box firmware update rev. 4.3.6/4.8:
1. DALA support extended (in use in North America)
2. Leivtec XV3 support added (in use in Europe)
3. Stalker XLR support extended (in use in North America)
4. Various LIDARs code improved.
5. Support for new ALPConnect version 1.4. (Available on iTunes)
6. USB functioning further improved. Support for more types of USB flash drives.

What's NEW in Control Set 3.2 Firmware update:
1. Radar alert K band sound slightly modified to make it more distinct.
(Radar/GPS Module (http://www.dontgetcaught.com.au/catalog/item/5421973/9998028.htm) Users)
2. Volume on levels 3 and 4 slightly increased for more linear ramping.

ALPConnect 1.4: (Available on iTunes, Bluetooth Module (http://www.dontgetcaught.com.au/catalog/item/5421973/9998030.htm) Users)
1. Mute button upgraded, temporary mute during alerts added.
2. improved GPS Speed support.
3. Demo mode added, new button in options.
4. Screens and Graphics changed.
5. Hands Free Profile added to Audio Output setting.
6. Various bug-fixes (radar, BT connection, power ...)

Get the Update (http://www.alpupdate.com/Firmware)

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