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ALPriority Firmware Update!

Sep 16, 2014

ALP Firmware Version 4.4.1/5.1 released on 17/09/2014.

Is ALP LED light too bright and flashy for you?
Instead of switching to Dark mode a new option was added. Choose a Constant LED mode or Constant DIMMED Mode and status LED will shine in constant or constant & muted light.

Get the Update (http://www.alpupdate.com/Firmware)

What if you can not find the serial number of your system?
You may store details from your AL Priority to external USB flash drive and read all information about your system here: (http://www.alpupdate.com/Statistics)

Here's what's new in this firmware release:
1. Status LED can now be either in a permanent or a blinking (flashing) mode.
2. Improved self-test routine.
3. Improved and expanded various LIDAR routines.
4. Various bug-fixes.

After upgrading to the latest firmware you may activate Constant LED light for the Status LED. To create your new setup file click here and Select your Region: SETUP (http://alpupdate.com/Setup)

After firmware upgrading, Constant LED light can also be configured manually over your Control Set: Status LED - Change it manually
1. Power on your ALP
2. Long press MENU button to enter MENU (LED will turn yellow)
3. Press MENU/NEXT three (3) times then ENTER (LED will turn white)
4. Press MENU/NEXT once, twice, three, four, five or six times depending on your preference (see below)
1 - Normal-Blinking;
2 - Dimmed-Blinking;
3 - Dark-Blinking;
4 - Constant;
5 - Constant-Dimmed
6 - Constant-Dark
5. and press ENTER to confirm
6. System will exit the Menu in a few seconds of being inactive.

If blinking mode is distracting you we recommend you try out Constant-Dimmed mode.

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