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DGC News February 2015

Feb 1, 2015

Dear DGC Members,

Hope everyone had a safe Holiday break, now another working year starts, if not already, each year we spend a great deal time on the road going to and from work, taking the kids to school, driving here and there, which means traffic, which means speed traps, which means fines, which means loss of demerit points, take a look at some these products below and hopefully they give you peace of mind whilst out on the road.

Safe Driving,
The DGC Team

What's On Our Radar?
ALPriority HiFi Control Box

Now you can purchase the ALPriority Control Box and HiFi Control Set together in the ALPriority HiFi Control Box. The brains of the ALPriority along with descriptive voice alerts (without using Bluetooth Module and ALPConnect app).

ALPriority HiFi Control Box features:
* ALPriority Control Box and accessories
* Includes HiFi Control Set & HiFi amplified speaker


Coming Soon:
Cheetah C150 Camera Detector

- Fully configurable alert audio. Tailor the audio to suit your preferences.
- Dark mode - for stealth installations, or for night time driving, the display will only light up during an alert.
- Alert mute - quickly switch off / on the audio for the current alert.
- Whisper mode - keeps the C150 quiet if you are under known speed limits.
- Adjustable alert distances - select different warning distances for different types of camera.
- Adjustable speed limit tolerance - increase the overspeed alert activation speed to suit your driving style.
- Personal locations - store up to 64 of your own locations.
- Database update reminder - if you forget to update for 6 weeks, your C150 will occasionally remind you.
- Adjustable brightness.
- Silent start up


** Tramigo T23

The New Tramigo T23 Vehicle Tracking Device enables you to know where your vehicle is and is easy to install into any vehicle. It can be installed fully hidden and powered from a vehicle's battery.

- Solid case for direct installation: No seperate charger or installation case required
- In-built 1300mAh back-up battery
- Accelerometer/tilt sensor for towing alarms, secure parked and unguarded vehicles
- Including up to 300 000 landmarks and space for hundreds of user-inputed landmarks


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