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DGC News April 2015

Mar 31, 2015

Dear DGC Members,

Easter Double Demerit Points are about to happen, keep your license and your money in your wallet.
One of the biggest Revenue Raising periods of the year is almost upon us, Radar & Laser Speed Traps are out in force making sure that even if you're just over the speed limit, you're gone.
Check out some of our Radar & Laser Defense products that will help you even the odds.

Safe Driving,
The DGC Team

What's On Our Radar?

- Mobile Speed Camera use on the rise
More than 830 motorists a day are being booked by mobile speed cameras, with the NSW state government collecting $8 million in fines in just seven months.

An increase in the number of mobile speed camera enforcement hours from 900 to 7000 hours a month has helped boost the government's coffers after it issued just 26,453 fines in the 2013-14 financial year, netting $4.9 million.

In the seven months to January this year, the NSW state government has already issued 40,912 fines and raised $8.3 million.

Public anger over the explosion in mobile speed camera fines can only be soothed by giving motorists better warning before they get busted, the NRMA says.

The $8.3 million cash bonanza for the government has sparked a five-fold increase in attacks on camera cars, with 82 instances so far this financial year of objects being thrown, verbal abuse and cars swerving towards operators.

The NRMA believes hidden signs that don't even display the speed limit, anonymous camera cars and little distance between sign and camera are fuelling the rage.

"There has been a seven-fold increase in enforcement hours for mobile speed cameras, which has given rise to a perception of unfairness among motorists," NRMA president Kyle Loades said.

"The NRMA is aiming to address those perceptions and help reinforce the message that mobile speed cameras are about road safety, not revenue.

"These measures that we are suggesting will make it fairer and should slow people down before they get fined."

The plan involves displaying speed limits on mobile speed camera signs, greater distance between the signs and the cameras, and high-visibility markings on camera vehicles.

The organisation, which represents 2.4 million motorists, also wants the government to conduct a yearly audit to
guarantee the cameras are put only in proven black spots.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay hinted the government may make some changes.

"We always welcome constructive dialogue and it's fantastic to see the NRMA put forward sensible safety recommendations, which I've asked our roads safety experts to look at."

ALPriority Multipurpose Parking System
Ultimate in Laser Defence!

- User friendly internet upgrades and set-up via USB flash drive
- USB flash drive Theft protection Key
- 5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination
- Innovative rear&side sensor cable exit
- Laser cruise-control filtering sensor for factory LCC equipped cars
- Advanced self-test function detects disconnection or malfunction

The ALPriority is the successor to Antilaser’s long time best-selling Guardian Series. Featuring a sleak new design and all new functionality, the AL Priority is set to take the market by storm.
With all new features like the Theft protection Key that will only power-up the ALPriority as long as the USB Key is inserted in, the ability to disable specific Laser Bands to reduce the possibility of getting a false laser alert and an all new smartphone link that will allow you to change the settings and features of AL Priority using a PC, tablet or smartphone application by way of the revolutionary USB flash drive system.


Escort Redline Pro-A Radar Detector
100% Undetectable!

The Escort Redline Pro-A has been tested and tuned for peak AU/NZ performance. It’s Totalshield Technology has been independantly lab tested to ensure it’s undetectability to Australian made RDD’s, no RDD will detect this unit! The Redline Pro-A gives the user the advantage of a fitted system in a portable package.
The Redline Pro-A provides the longest range for every system out there. It’s twin-antennae design allows it to maximize performance by band, giving you the longest warning possible. This unit’s performance is backed-up with a tough magnesium shell. Now includes superwide segmented Ka-band. The Redline Pro-A is packaged in a rougued travel case and comes complete with a smart cord power lead and adjustable windscreen bracket.
- 100% Undetectable by all police radar detector detectors.
- Superior detection of all radar traps used in Australia.
- Portable unit, easily move from car to car.
- New Segmented Superwide Ka-band.


Tramigo T23 Track
Vehicle Security & Tracking
Suitable for car security and protection. Ideal for consumers, car leasing/rental companies and insurance companies.

- Easy to install
T23 Track is easy to install to any car or vehicle and can be fully hidden. Just insert the SIM card and connect T23 Track to vehicle power and you are ready to track your vehicle and turn the needed automatic reporting on.

- Monitor and control your vehicles without monthly fees
T23 Track communicates its location to you via SMS or GPRS. Tramigo M1 Move is easy to use and free SMS application for smart phones.

There are no monthly or annual fees, the user pays only the normal operator fees of the data or SMS usage.

- Prevent unauthorized trips and theft
Set allowed zones for your vehicles, get instant notifications if your vehicles start or complete trips and connect T23 Track to external inputs to detect ignition, tampering, door opening and more!


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