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DGC News June 2016

Jun 1, 2016

Dear DGC Members,

End of Financial Year, Business Deductions: Are you looking for some last minute business deductions for your company? Check out our product range today to protect your fleet with:

- Breath Testing Equipment - Certified to AS3547 Quality Standards
- Undetectable Beltronics & Escort Radar Detectors
- Laser Defence with the Antilaser ALPriority Multipurpose Parking System
- Fixed Camera Detection with the Cheetah C550 Speed & Redlight Camera Detector

Safe Driving,
The DGC Team


Looking For Motorcycle Laser Protection You Can Rely On?
Vertix Motor Bike Laser Package!

This completely integrated Laser Defence Package offers drivers complete protection for all types of Laser Speed traps used in Australia including all mobile speed cameras and handheld laser guns.
Combining the ALPriority Dual and Bluetooth Module allows Motorcycle users to have the safety of using the Number #1 Laser Defence System in Australia on their bike and receive audio, visual alerts through their iPhone via the Bluetooth module and ALPConnect App and hands-free availability through the Vertix Raptor-i Wireless Helmet Intercomm, this package is designed to keep you safe and remain alert while on the road!


Keep An Extra Eye On The Road!
Thinkware X150 1080P HD Dash Cam!

With a 1080p Full HD camera, the Thinkware X150 Dash Cam is able to record high definition quality video that captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter while driving.
Recording at 24 frames per second without dropping a single frame,you can rely on the X150 to accurately capture every moment of your commute - be it an incident or an unexpected a hit-and-run.


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