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DGC News August 2019

Aug 1, 2019

DGC News August 2019

Dear DGC Members,

Invest your tax refund wisely! Don't give your tax refund back to the government, Buy one of our radar/laser defense systems today, save yourself fines, points and frustration!

Safe Driving,
The DGC Team


Cheetah C550 Fixed & Red Light Camera Locator!

The Cheetah C550 is designed from the ground up to keep getting smarter with time. It's the very latest and most advanced of Cheetah's innovative and award winning GPS speed and red light camera detectors.

The C550, utilizing the internationally acclaimed Trinity 3.0 database to the maximum, sets the highest benchmark for consumer GPS speed and red light camera detectors.


NEW Radenso Pro-M Undetectable, Extreme Range Radar Detector w/ GPS Database & Lockouts

The Radenso Pro M is the detector for drivers who demand every last ounce of performance. If you don’t want to deal with the cost and effort of a custom installed detection system, but demand the best from a portable radar detector, look no further.

The compact size and false alert filtering abilities make the Pro M feel invisible when there is nothing to worry about but know when to alert when a threat is detected.


ALPriority Multipurpose Parking System
If Keeping Your License Is A Priority, You Need The ALPriority!

•   Stops all police laser speed traps used in Australia.
•   Multipurpose parking sensor kit.
•   Superior laser detection powered by AL patented technology.
•   Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interferences.
•   5 sensor connection with front and rear sensor discrimination.
•   Compatible with certain radar and GPS antennas.
•   Can be controlled remotely via the ALP Bluetooth module and ALPConnect Smartphone App.


Radenso RCM Radar Detector - High Performance, Undetectable, ALPriority Integration Ready
The Highest Level Of Customization Of Any Detector Available Today!

•   Extreme Radar Detection Range
•   Full Laser Defense (Radenso RCM AL Priority Laser Defense Kit required)
•   Removable Magnetic OLED display
•   All radar and laser alerts on a single display
•   Waterproof antenna
•   GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
•   Australian Red Light & Speed Camera alerts
•   Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
•   Complete AL Priority Laser Defense Integration


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