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What's On Our Radar?: Police Have Ticket Quotas

Aug 23, 2019

Police Accused Of Having A Quota Of Tickets They Have To Hand Out To Motorists Each Month

A senior police officer has accused his bosses of forcing cops to reach a quota of tickets they have to hand out to motorists each month.

Gold Coast Senior Constable James Treanor has lodged emails in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission accusing police of having targets that need to be met.

He said one senior officer told cops that the 15 tickets distributed between 16 of them in three months was 'very disappointing'.

The emails were part of a bullying case launched by Senior Constable Treanor alleging misconduct involving fellow officers.

In another email, one senior cop said 10 tickets a month was not 'unrealistic', the Courier Mail reported.

'Broadbeach as a whole is underperforming with regards to traffic enforcement,' the senior officer wrote.

'We are GD [general duties] crews and there is an expectation that you WILL write tickets, and I don't think 10 per month is an unrealistic expectation.'

A senior officer at Runaway Bay was accused of ordering police to issue five LEOs [life endangering offences such as speeding, running red lights and using mobile phones while driving].

'This is not hard given the amount of people on their mobile phones, speeding, running yellow or red lights and [doing] burnouts,' she wrote.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart told the media in 2014 ticket quotas did not exist.

One police officer also denied the existence of such quotas and said police did not have any interest in 'revenue-raising'.


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