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WOOR: Woman's Warning After Falling To Fake Police

Sep 10, 2019

Woman Posts Warning Online After Allegedly Falling Victim To Fake Police Officers In Adelaide

An Adelaide woman has sounded out a warning on social media after she allegedly fell victim to two men who impersonated police officers and handed her a hefty speeding fine last weekend.

The woman — who the ABC has decided not to name — posted on social media to share her experience and warn others after she was allegedly pulled over.

In the post, she claimed she was pulled over by a vehicle about 3:00am on Saturday and told she would lose her driver's licence and be fined for speeding.

It comes as two men faced the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday charged with multiple counts of representing a police officer, false imprisonment and deceiving another to benefit self.

Police prosecutor Brevet Sergeant Shane Shepard told the court the men had allegedly stopped four drivers at locations across Adelaide.

It is believed the men showed red and blue flashing lights as they pulled over the vehicles, showed them what appeared to be a police badge and told them they had to pay a fine.

In the woman's post online, she said after being pulled over by the two men, she went to the police station to get more information on losing her driver's licence.

"I went into the police station on Saturday night, the 7th of September, to ask if they could give me more information on the suspension of my licence," the post said.

"They explained to me that these people were not real police officers."

She said she had no idea this kind of thing could happen and while she did not get hurt, she was potentially in a dangerous situation.

"I was in the back of a stranger's car, alone, at 3:00am in the morning in a dark car park with no cameras," the post said.

"I am not sharing this to look like a victim, as I am aware of just how lucky I have been, I am sharing this because I think it is crazy just how easily I was tricked."

'Know how to protect yourself.' the woman said after speaking with real police officers about the incident, she was told that if she was ever pulled over by an undercover police car to always ask to see a police badge and ID.

"Record their badge number, full name, and rego of their car — regardless if they are in a full police uniform or not," the post said.

"Police officers will always give you some kind of paperwork and their notebooks will always have numbers on the corners of every page."

She also wanted to warn others to never drive alone at night without letting somebody know where you were going.

"This kind of thing happens and we deserve to know about it and know how to protect yourself," she said.

"If you are ever being followed by an undercover police car with their lights on — you have the right to continue driving to the nearest lit-up area, like a petrol station.

"If it is real police, you can explain to them that you didn't feel safe being alone at night time on the roads and that you felt safer being in a lit-up area with cameras, you can explain that you know that fake police officers exist and were just wanting to be safe."

In a statement from SA Police, a spokesperson said the incident was currently under investigation.

"Anyone who has any information in relation to impersonating police is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000," the spokesperson said.

Yesterday, Magistrate Paul Foley remanded both of the men in custody until next Monday, when the court will consider their release on home detention bail.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-10/woman-posts-warning-after-allegedly-falling-victim-to-fake-cops/11497126?

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