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WOOR: Most Australians Drive BELOW The Speed Limit

Dec 4, 2019

Most Australians Drive BELOW The Speed Limit, New Research Shows

Despite millions being spent millions on speed cameras and reduction methods, new data showed that most Australians do not exceed the speed limit.

Data gathered from GPS trackers and road sensors across Australia last year showed that most drivers did not speed and, at times, even stayed ten per cent below the speed limit.

Australia spends millions of dollars each year on speed cameras, with the latest update going live in Adelaide in October for $2million, according to 9News.

The new data showed that drivers were travelling slower in 50km/h zones - with an average speed of 32km/h - than 40km/h zones, where the average speed was 43km/h.

Denise Christie, a spokesperson for the Telematics company who compiled the data, said the results were 'surprising'.

She told 3AW's Neil Mitchell that the average Australian did not speed but that traffic and congestion were a contributing factor.

'But we saw that outside the peak periods the data still suggests that the majority of Australians drive within the speed limit,' she said.

The NSW Government also announced in November that they were looking into removing warning signs for speed and red light cameras, in a move set to both decrease road accidents and increase fine revenue.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7749235/Most-Australians-drive-speed-limit-new-research-shows.html

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