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The most common question we receive is:  "What radar detector is best for use in my state?"  The answer to that question is very easy and our recommendations are below:

All States EXCEPT Western Australia:
Radar detectors are illegal to use in all states other than WA.  If you are in the eastern states of Australia it is likely that the police in your state are using radar detector detectors (RDD's).  The most common RDD used in Australia is the Spectre III (also known as the Stalcar) and is widely known as the best RDD available to the police.  The Escort, Uniden & Radenso undetectable range are the only radar detectors that are 100% UNDETECTABLE by the Spectre III RDD to date.

Undetectable Radar Detectors:

Our Top Choices For All States - The Radenso Pro-M & The Escort Redline EX!

Western Australia:
Radar detectors are LEGAL to use in Western Australia so you generally have more options when it comes to making a purchase.  If you are outside an area where multanova cameras are used then even a basic radar detector will give you time against highway patrol radar traps.  However, if you are in an area where multanova cameras are used and you actually want enough time to slow down we recommend some of the following radar detectors:

High performance radar detectors for use in Western Australia:


Our Top Choices For Western Australia - The Escort Max Ci & The Beltronics V928i


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