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Bel STi XR vs Bel STi Driver & Escort Redline Pro A vs. Escort Redline



Beltronics and Escort Undetectable Radar Detectors

A few Australian traders online are trying to pass off the USA model Bel STi XR and Escort Redline stealth radar detectors as the Australian models.  The USA models are not the same as the AUS/NZ models and customers should be sure they are getting the right product with a real authorised warranty like when you buy from us.  Overseas models do not carry a valid Beltronics or Escort warranty. See the unauthorized Beltronics reseller warning by clicking below:

Beltronics radar warning

If you dont see this logo, don't buy!
Click image to be taken to Beltronics official unauthorized reseller warning.


How can you tell if you are getting the Escort Redline Pro A AUS/NZ Model?  Look for the red sticker on the box that says "Pro A, Tested & Tuned for Peak AU/NZ Performance".

How can you tell if you are getting the Bel STi XR AU/NZ model?  Look for the XR on the box and you know you are getting the real deal.

What is the difference between the Australian Models and the Overseas Models?

All Australian models are independently tested in both a microwave lab and against the Australian radar detector detector "Stalcar or Spectre III"  used by police here in Australia before we ship the unit to you.  This means that when you receive your unit it is guaranteed to have no RDD detectable leakage.  The overseas models have not been tested and do not come with an undetectable guarantee.

The Australian models come off a special production run designed specifically for the Australia/New Zealand territory and conditions. Our models have better heat resistant internal components for the extreme heat levels you get in Australia.  Overseas models will burn out quickly as their components are designed for extreme cold weather that occurs in the USA and Canada.  
An undetectable radar detector is a big investment, buy from an authorized Australian business today or you risk having A) no backup support B) no authorized warranty support C) a very expensive paper-weight.

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